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Canoeing 101


IQ Zippered Chine Dry Bag

The IQ Zippered Chine Dry Bag is designed to provide a waterproof bat with easy zippered access and fitted to the IQ gunwale system for maximum security.  The waterproof zipper provides very reliable watertight protection and is easier to operate compared to a roll down style dry bag. 

Secured to the IQ gunwale system means you won’t have to worry about your bag floating loose on the river, particularly should your canoe capsize and make its’ own way downriver.  Besides peace of mind, there’s also a high dose of convenience involved.  The Chine Dry Bag sits up close to the gunwale and allows you to access contents without having to wrestle your way through your packs. It’s right where you need when you need it. 

Long axis zipper allows you to protect long items such as tripods. The length gives you a wide enough opening to provide easy insertion of bulky gear. Exterior webbing loops are provided to allow you to secure items such as spare paddles, fishing poles, etc. that can tolerate getting wet.  

  1. Locate entry slot nearest desired location on the interior slot of each gunwale. 
  2. Make sure that the zipper is facng away from side of hull and feed one end of boltrope into slot.  
  3. Continue until full length of boltrope is captured in slot and move to desired position. 
  4. Zipper will be stiff in operation initially.  For best results, hold end of bag nearest head of zipper and pull gently against zipper as it is opened.  When closing, hold opposite end of bag to provide resistance to zipper head as it pulled to seal access.  Make sure head of zipper is fully seated to ensure watertight performance.