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Canoeing 101


What is Ready-To-Go Outfitting (RTG)?

Mad River Canoe's RTG outfitting systems, offered on the Outrage and Outrage X whitewater playboats, is designed to enable paddlers to get their new boats on the water without delay and without sacrificing performance. 

The core of the RTG is the adjustable TKO pedestal which is secured by cam straps to a series of tie down points on the Daisy Chain D-rings. This system allows the user to refine their paddling position to their personal preferences as well as accommodating multiple paddlers of varying sizes. The pedestal position can vary by as much as 12”, providing a dialed in trim best suited to individual paddlers. 

2” wide padded thigh straps with hip-mounted quick release buckles provide security as well as comfort. The hip-mounted buckles ensure that the thigh straps can be easily released from just about any position. 

Contoured whitewater playboat knee pads cradle the knees, providing cushioning and enhanced security of position. The raised inner sides of the knee pads prevent knee slippage, keeping the paddler best positioned to maneuver and control their canoe. 

Durable, elastic, vinyl 3D flotation bags fill the bow and stern, providing maximum displacement of water. The vertical nose seam of the end bags tucks well up into the ends of the canoe and minimizes the amount of water that can find a home inside the hull. The float bags are restrained by over the top lashing systems affixed to tie downs secured to the gunwales. 

For maximum performance, paddlers have the option of the RTG+ Outfitting System. Utilizing the same pedestal, thigh straps and knee pads featured in the RTG, the upgraded outfitting system replaces the vinyl float bags with ultralight, ultrastrong nylon float bags as well as a cam strap Keeper Strap to keep the bags snug down onto the bottom of the hull. In addition, RTG+ adds adjustable footbraces for maximum boat control. The footbraces move in concert with the pedestal so that fit is always consistent. 
Mad River's RTG Outfitting Systems have stood the test of time, having been offered since the Outrages were introduced in the late 1990s and are perfect for paddlers who are inexperienced in outfitting as well as rental and school operations where the ability to tailor the fit to various paddlers is critical.