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Repairing Triple Tough: Dents

While the triple layer construction provides added stiffness, it can still be dented or depressed due to impact or sustained weight or pressure. Heating the area and pushing it back to original shape is the best option, but the foam-cored construction limits the efficacy of a heat gun to reshape the hull. The foam core basically acts as an insulator making it difficult to warm the opposite solid skin to a malleable temperature. Better results can be had by using the hot water technique, though be ready to refill and replace the hot water several times (see REPAIRING POLYETHYLENE: DENTS). 

With triple tough construction, some dents may occur when the foam core is dented or compressed to the point where it cannot rebound, as its individual cells have been crushed beyond recovery. If this is the case, it’s either live with it or reinforce the interior side of the hull with adhesive or resin and fiberglass cloth (see REPAIRING POLYETHYLENE: CRACKS AND FRACTURES). However, this process will not restore the exterior surface to its original shape but will only strengthen that particular area.