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Canoeing 101


IQ Tandem End Overbag

The Tandem End Overbag is designed for multiple purposes.  One is to provide a secure and protected lashing “system” for a tandem (30-36”) end bag. Another is to offer a secure storage area for gear conveniently close at hand in the ends of the canoe. The ends of the canoe are often unutilized when rigging a boat for camping or expeditions. With the Tandem End Overbag you can put this heretofore unused space to good use. The storage is protected and securely attached to the canoe via the channels in the interior gunwale. 

The Tandem End Overbag features a long axis zipper for easy access and retrieval of gear; convenient carry handle at wide end of bag; external mesh pocket with security clip; separating zipper installation system that allows a full bag to be removed from the canoe without unloading or deflating a flotation bag. 

To extend the convenience and security of the Overbag concept to the center of your canoe, check out our Center Overbag/Wanigan. 

The IQ Modular Gunwale System, simply ingenuity in motion. 

  1. The Tandem Overbag comes in two parts. There is the cover with boltrope sewn to one side and a second length of bolt rope to which zipper has been sewn. The boltrope is sized so that the round bead fits into the slot on the outside of the IQ Gunwale. 
  2. There is a widened slot in each interior gunwale just behind the carry handle to allow the boltrope to be inserted. 
  3. From bow of canoe, slide boltrope with zipper into outside channel on starboard (right) side of hull. First insert end with red dot and slide boltrope completely into channel. 
  4. Insert bolt rope attached to cover into outside channel on port (left) side of canoe, making sure to start with end of cover with red dot. Insert full length of boltrope into channel. 
  5. Mate the zipper starters and zip parts together. 
  6. Once cover is fully zipped, slide Overbag along gunwales until narrow end is even or close to carry handle. Loop strap at end of Overbag under carry handle. Take end of strap with cam buckle and position on top of carry handle. 
  7. Thread strap through cam buckle and close buckle to secure strap 
  8. To access contents, unzip zipper on top of Overbag enough to allow access to desired gear. 
  9. To remove Overbag, simply unzip separating zipper and pull parts forward and down through entry slot. 

NOTE: IT IS REQUIRED THAT ALL IQ MODULES SUCH AS THE TANDEM END OVERBAG BE REMOVED BEFORE CARTOPPING YOUR CANOE.  Do not sit or stand on the Tandem End Overbag and avoid placing heavy items on top of it as well. 

NOTE: While Overbag does not have to be removed while portaging your canoe, be aware that it will increase weight of burden being portaged and will affect balance of canoe. 

NOTE: As with the addition of any outfitting component to a canoe, the possibility exists of increased risk of entrapment.  Be aware of this possibility and practicing to minimize it is strongly recommended or better yet, eliminate the potential all together.