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Canoeing 101


IQ Glovebox

The Glove Box is designed to provide convenient protected storage near at hand and readily accessible. Compact design allows it to be positioned just about anywhere along the IQ Gunwale System yet provides considerable storage capacity. 

The Glove Box is also designed to fit between the legs on sides of conventional canoe seats. You don’t have to paddle an IQ canoe to enjoy the benefits of convenient, hard shell protective storage for oft needed items. 

Installation of Glove Box in IQ outfitted canoes: 

  1. Determine desired location and entry slot that will allow access to that section of gunwale. On most IQ canoes there are internal entry slots at each carry handle and on either side of the center thwart. 
  2. Guide the rope rail on back of Glove Box into slot and slide to desired location. 
  3. It is recommended that the Glove Box be removed from canoe when transporting on vehicle. 

Installation and use of Glove Box with conventional canoe seats: 

  1. Glove Box requires 4” of clearance between side of seat and side of hull. It will not fit all seat positions, depending upon width of seat and narrowness of hull. 
  2. Glove Box will drop between seat frame, resting on side flanges towards top of base of Glove Box. 
  3. On back of Glove Box are attached two cable eyes to allow you to secure Glove Box to seat frame using cord or bungee (not supplied) and running from one cable eye under seat frame and back to other cable eye. 
  4. It is recommended that the Glove Box be removed from canoe when transporting on vehicle. 

NOTE: The Glove Box is not designed to provide waterproof storage. Do not store unprotected moisture-sensitive items such as cameras, GPS, cell phones, etc. unless further protected in a specific watertight storage system.