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Canoeing 101


IQ Chameleon Camo Instructions

To Install Side Drapes: (6 piece system – 4 straight panels and 2 end panels) 

  1. Note that rope rail (part that slides into channel in gunwale) is segmented with gaps between sections. This is to allow panels to overlap each other to varying degrees depending upon length of boat. 
  2. Lay out 2 panels along one side of boat along with end panels to determine how many gaps you need to overlap to a) make sure hull is completely camouflaged and b) so that slack is not all piled up in one end or one piece. 
  3. Once spacing is determined, insert one end of straight panel into notch on exterior gunwale behind deck. Continue to feed rails into channel, pushing drape towards other end of boat. 
  4. When you reach point where you need to overlap sections, start first part of  second section in interval between rope rail sections on first panel. Continue inserting flat panels until fully inserted. 
  5. Pull linked straight panels towards other end of canoe and pull needed number of rope rail segments out of gunwale channel to allow insert of end panel with proper overlap. 
  6. Once end panel is linked at other end, return to first end and install second end panel as determined by length of boat. Pull linked straight panels and end panel back towards original slot sufficiently to allow needed overlap to be installed at opposite end. 
  7. Repeat for opposite side. 
  8. Snug up end panels by adjusting Velcro straps passing over top of gunwales at each end. 

To install Top Cover: 

  1. Unroll top cover  next to canoe and determine which of two “cockpits” better align with seats in canoe. 
  2. Once oriented, simply drape cover onto canoe, securing it via Velcro strips sewn to underside of top cover with the Velcro running along top of side drapes. 
  3. “Cockpits” close up with simple drawstring/cordlock closures. They are not designed as paddlers’ cockpits but should be fully open when seat is occupied and fully closed when boat is on shore and shooters in blinds.