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Canoeing 101


IQ Center Bag / Wanigan

The Center Overbag/Wanigan addresses a number of purposes.  Sized to fit and contain a Mini Split Center Flotation Bag, two Center Overbags can be installed “saddle-bag” style on either side of the center thwart. The “Wanigan” aspect of this piece comes into play as a convenient storage cell for gear and equipment. Half-moon zipper opens wide to insert and retrieve bulky items. Side carry handles allow loaded Center Overbag to be lifted from canoe and carried to campsite or vehicle without unloading. External mesh pocket provides convenient stowage for often needed items. 

Once inserted into the IQ gunwale channels and strapped to the center thwart the Center Overbag/Wanigan effectively becomes part of the canoe. It won’t detach or come loose in the event of an upset, insuring that valuable and expensive gear won’t be lost. Installation is fast easy and reliable, taking less than half the time you’re used to spending lashing in dry bags and packs. 

To extend the convenience and security of the Overbag concept to the ends of your canoe, check out our Tandem End Overbag. 

The IQ Modular Gunwale System, simply ingenuity in motion. 

1)    Locate the entry slots in the interior gunwale on either side of the center thwart. Loosen “shoelace” style webbing on side of Overbag by squeezing cord lock. 
2)    Insert end of bolt rope closest to the IQ logo on top of pack into slot and repeat on other side. 
3)    Evenly pull both sides of pack along gunwale until bolt rope is fully engaged on both sides. 
4)    Feed end of each short strap around center thwart and through cam buckle on other end of strap. Pull tight and close buckle to lock strap around thwart. 
5)    Snug up Overbag by drawing taut shoe-lace line on side of Overbag. Making the top of Overbag taut provides easier operation of zipper and access to contents. It may be necessary to hold Overbag in position while cinching lacing tight. 
6)    Access gear by unzipping half-moon zipper in top panel. Often needed items can be stowed in the external mesh pocket on front of Overbag. 
7)    To remove Overbag, unbuckle straps on center thwart and feed bolt rope down through enty slots. Side handles are provided to allow a loaded Overbag to be hoisted from canoe without having to unload contents. 

NOTE: IT IS REQUIRED THAT ALL IQ MODULES SUCH AS THE CENTER OVERBAG/WANIGAN BE REMOVED BEFORE CARTOPPING YOUR CANOE.  Do not sit or stand on the Overbag and avoid placing heavy items on top of it as well. 

NOTE: As with the addition of any outfitting component to a canoe, the possibility exists of increased risk of entrapment.  Be aware of this possibility and practicing to minimize it is strongly recommended or better yet, eliminate the potential all together.