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Canoeing 101


Choosing a Paddle: Kids' Paddles

Paddles for children are available and they can make all the difference in terms of a successful trip with the kids. Kids can get bored easily if the only thing they can do is sit and watch the shore go by. It’s far more rewarding if you let them participate, even if at times their efforts are in exact opposition to what you’re trying to accomplish. 

  • A true “kid’s paddle” is not simply a chopped off adult paddle. If so the size of the grip and the shaft would not be well suited to little hands and the blade would be virtually overpowering. 
  • Look for a dedicated kid’s paddle that features kid sized grip, shaft, and blade. Ideally the blade will have some type of protection on it to withstand the ultimate bumps and bruises a kid will put them through. A fiberglass blade with tip protection is recommended. Think of customizing it for your child by putting decals on it or writing their name on it. 
  • The properly sized kids’ paddle will be a key component in getting your little ones involved in the sport. 
  • The preferred size of a children's canoe paddle is 36” with intervals ranging from 4” to 6”.