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Gearing Up For Spring!

Posted: 03.26.2015

Some tips and tricks to get your canoe back onto the water.

Spring is almost here! In many parts of the country, snow is melting, ice is breaking up, and rivers long held captive by winter are free. It's time to pull the canoe out of the shed, and get it back on the water! Here are some tips from the experts on how to get your canoe back in service in time for that first spring paddle.

As we continue towards the end of winter, signs of the coming spring will become more common. A chirping bird, cracks across the surface of the nearby frozen lake, or maybe, if you live somewhere that's warm all year round, you'll just start seeing more people outside. Whatever the case may be, you might also find yourself with a familiar itch, the one that means you're ready to get on the water. But spring isn't here quite yet and that isn't necessarily a bad thing, because that means you still have time get everything in tip-top shape for the spring paddling season. And with Valentine's Day only about a week off, what better time to give your canoe or kayak some love. 

Start by reacquainting yourself with all its intimate details. Check the handles, seat(s), bulkhead(s), rudder, skeg and any other kind of hardware you find. Be thorough, tightening anything loose and paying extra attention to moving parts. Don't leave it in need if you find something that should be replaced. This is your boat we're talking about and it should look and feel as good as you can make it, even right down to the last decal. Once you've done this, there's no better way to show your care than by putting in the time to make it look all new and shiny, just like the day you first met. To a canoe or kayak, getting a new coat of 303 Protectant applied is the equivalent of having Valentine roses delivered, or so some would say. 

If you find that your kayak or canoe is in need of major repair, don't hesitate to contact your local dealer. Fortunately though, these things are made strong and durable so that should only be necessary in rare cases. So, if you don't have anything else going on this Valentine's Day, put some alone time in with the kayak or canoe. You won't regret it come spring. 

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The Harmony Team