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Retired Gunwale Systems - 2011

* The following are retired gunwale systems as of 2011. These are the pictures and short descriptions from the 2010 catalog. For more information, continue scrolling through articles tagged "Retired gunwale systems".


Aluminum gunwale with dual channels to allow repositioning of seats and installation (and removal) of modular accessories.  Hidden fasteners for clean, sleek appearance and nothing to snag our hand on.  Moderately light and very stiff to maximize hull efficiency.  Minimal maintenance.


Vinyl gunwale version of the IQ.  Features two channels as original IQ and provides same capabilities except for movable seats. Moderate to heavy weight with moderate stiffness with internal aluminum "L" insert.  Maintenance free.

Aluminum (for Royalex) 

Slightly “beefier” than our aluminum rail for composite canoes.  Designed to minimize weight and maximize efficiency in select cruising Royalex canoes.  Light to moderate in weight and high stiffness.  Minimal maintenance.