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IQ Removable Portage Yoke

The IQ Portage Yoke is designed to provide both comfort and control on the portage trail. Thick closed cell foam cushions the shoulders and 3D curved profile keeps canoe balanced on your shoulders as you negotiate hilly carries and rough uneven terrain. 

The IQ Portage Yoke fits right into the holes drilled in the center thwart of Mad River IQ Gunwaled canoes.  It can also be installed on canoes with conventional shaped flat yokes. 

Yoke Assembly 

  1. Peel open yoke cover hook and loop at back of yoke and slide cover off yoke until holes in pad are exposed. 
  2. Determine desired hole location. The holes nearest the neck cradle are designed for use with a shaped or contoured yoke. The holes nearest the back of the yoke are intended for use with a straight thwart or an IQ thwart 
  3. Thread mounting bolts into selected holes. Once bolts are about halfway seated in hole, pull cover back over bolt head and over end of bolt. You can turn the bolt easily with your hand on the threaded end. Normally no screwdriver is required to tighten the bolts. 

For installation on Mad River Canoes with the IQ Modular Gunwale System: 

  1. Pry up and properly discard rubber plugs sealing holes in IQ thwart. 
  2. Unscrew wing nuts on base of yoke. 
  3. Position mounting bolts in forward set of holes (those closest to neck cut-out). 
  4. Align bolts with holes in thwart and insert. 
  5. Secure yoke with flat washer followed by wing nuts. 
  6. Periodically tighten wing nuts for maximum security. 

For installation on canoes with conventional flat wooden yokes: 

  1. Locate and mark center of yoke. 
  2. Measure 5.75”/14.6 cm to either side of center point and draw line across flat face of yoke. 
  3. Centering IQ yoke over wood yoke use pencil to mark location of rearmost pair of holes in IQ yoke along the lines drawn in previous step.  Make sure that the IQ yoke is properly aligned with the contours of the wood yoke. 
  4. Drill 5/16”/76mm hole at each mark. 
  5. With mounting bolts inserted in rearmost holes place IQ yoke in position over wood yoke and insert bolts through holes and secure with flat washer followed by wing nuts.