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IQ Adjustable Tie-Downs

The IQ Adjustable Tie-Downs are probably the most versatile accessory available for the IQ Gunwale System. Tie-Downs can be positioned just about anywhere on the canoe where most needed, in the internal or external gunwale slots, in slots on carry handles and thwarts, etc. 

We’ve designed the Tie-Downs to accept either rope or webbing.  The round hole in the face of the Tie-Down will accept up to ¼” or 6 mm cord.  The half-moon cut-out will accommodate 1” webbing comfortably. 

While the Tie-Down is primarily intended to serve as its’ name implies, it can also serve as a “brake” to prevent or minimize the movement of other modules as needed.  Modules that potentially could benefit from a brake or stop would be the seats in certain situations or the Lash-In System.  In most cases, a brake is not necessary but it’s good to know should it indeed be needed, there is a solution available. 

Using the Tie-Downs 
Loosen the set screw  in top of tie-down by rotating thumb wheel. Align head of set screw with bar molded in top of tie-down. Insert tie-down into rail slot so that head of screw and bar fit inside slot. Move tie-down to desired position and tighten set screw by rotating thumb wheel in opposite direction. Set screw should be tightened periodically as it can work loose over time due to movement and vibrations.  

NOTE: Adjustable Tie-Downs are built to withstand anticipated stress applied by loads normally carried in canoes. They are not intended for thigh strap anchors or for use in securing canoe to vehicles. Do not use Tie-Downs to secure gear in canoe while being cartopped. It is recommended that all IQ accessory modules be removed from canoe and transported inside your vehicle.