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IQ Adjustable Footbrace

Just like virtually all IQ modules, the IQ Footbrace is fully adjustable for use in multiple positions. It is adjustable both as to position and to height.  Now paddlers of all sizes can take full advantage of the benefits of using a footbrace:  increased efficiency, stability, and comfort.  And for the first time, it’s not necessary to drill holes in your hull to mount a footbrace. 


  1. Unpackage footbrace and identify stainless rod hangers (2) and web strap assemblies (2). Locate ¼” nuts (2) and bungee cord assembly with hooks (1). 
  2. Slide bungee cord into black footbrace tube. Hold hook on one end in line with holes in end of footbrace. Insert threaded end of one hanger through hole in black tube and then through hook on bungee cord and exit through bottom hole in tube. Push tube up against stopper nut installed on hanger. 
  3. Place aluminum fitting on end of strap assembly over end of hanger extending below tube and capture with ¼” nut. Tighten with 7/16” wrench. 
  4. Repeat process on other end, making sure hanger rod passes through hook on opposite end of bungee cord.     


  1. Locate feeder slots (feel for wider opening in interior slots of gunwales) located on either side of the center thwart or where feeder slots will provide access to desired position of footbrace. The IQ Footbrace is designed for use with stern or center seat of canoe.  
  2. If installing footbrace into feeder slot in front of where it will be used, use the following procedure: 
    • Fit bracket sewn to web strap to one end of spindle and insert assembly into feeder.  Repeat on other side.  End of assembly with webbing should always be positioned towards seat. 
    • Fit aluminum bracket holding hanger rod to opposite end of spindle and sliding complete assembly towards stern of canoe, feed assembly into slot. Repeat on other side. 
  3. If installing footbrace into slot behind where footbrace will be positioned: 
    • Fit aluminum bracket holding hanger rod to fitting on end of spindle and feed into slot. Repeat on other side. 
    • Slide assembly forward and mate the bracket on web strap to opposite end of spindle and insert into slot. Push forward to keep assembly in slot and repeat process on other side. 
  4. To move footbrace easily, lift footbrace cross bar to gunwale height. This will relieve contact between footbrace bracket and side of gunwale and will allow assembly to move easily along rail system. 
  5. Sit in seat and determine proper spacing and height for foot brace cross bar.  Individual preference will vary but most common position is with knees slightly bent and feet in contact with bar just above the arch, across the ball of the foot. . It is not recommended that the bar be positioned so that your toes rest on it as this position allows too much room under the bar and could allow your legs to slip under should you get suddenly pitched forward.  Go no higher than the ball of your foot. 
  6. To adjust footbrace height pull up or release webbing on either side of cross bar.  Reach under the strap assembly and pull on bottom strap to tension webbing and then take up any slack generated by pulling webbing through the buckle. The D-ring at the buckle makes one hand adjustment or release easier but it will not lock webbing in place. To tighten webbing you must first pull on bottom strap and then take up slack at the buckle 
  7. To move footbrace, simply lift cross bar towards you and up to gunwale height.  This will allow assembly to be moved closer or further away from seat to accommodate differing paddlers or demands. 

NOTE: WE RECOMMEND ALL IQ MODULES BE REMOVED FROM GUNWALES PRIOR TO CARTOPPING YOUR CANOE TO PREVENT DAMAGE OR LOSS. However, we also recognize that with a footbrace it’s inconvenient to remove and to lose desired positioning.  Included with the kit is a 1/8” bungee cord with hooks.  When transporting an IQ canoe with footbrace in place, use bungee cord to secure in place. Loop one end of bungee cord around center of cross bar and pass other end over thwart and clip it to itself. Make sure bungee is taut enough to prevent the footbrace assembly from “walking” down the slot in the gunwale to point where it can reach a feeder slot and possibly fall out of gunwale. 

For additional information or assistance see our Customer Service page.