Our founder’s mission was simple - to build a better canoe. With a wider of variety of hull designs than any other canoe manufacturer, cases full of awards and accolades, and quality materials, you’re sure to find the perfect canoe.

We believe our lineup is the realization of our original promise and passion. We invite you to experience our heritage of fine craftsmanship combined with innovative materials and designs in our line-up of truly modern classics.


The innovation we bring to the canoe industry is not limited to design and construction. We're constantly investigating new ways to grow our family of paddlers. For those who are newly introduced to this world or who are looking for a low maintenance solution for getting their family on the water, we offer our selection of Recreational Canoes. Easy paddling, multiple uses and virtually no upkeep, make these the ultimate grab-and-go boats.


Our Versatile Canoes are equally at home on the river as they are on open water. The moderate rocker and durable material offer all-around performance with minimal compromise, helping you to feel confident on both flat and whitewater adventures.  Choose a model from the iconic Explorer Series for smooth cruising and superior seaworthiness, or choose the Freedom Solo if you’re looking for a versatile solo river-runner.  Either way, rivers to lakes, our Versatile Canoes are your best bet.


The canoe was an integral part of survival for many early cultures, from hunting and gathering to transportation. Stealthy, unobtrusive, and able to access the most remote waters, our Sporting Canoes speak to their heritage. High levels of stability and easy access to gear make for enjoyable days on the lake or in the marsh, allowing you to focus on your sport, whether it is fishing, hunting, or just relaxing.


The process of designing and building boats is as much art as science. And for many of us, the journey can be more rewarding than the destination.  Whether you’re getting out for a refreshing spin after work or getting away for a few days, you’ll want a canoe that glides easily, accelerates quickly, and that is easy to keep up to speed. Our touring canoes speak “efficiency” from stem to stem.


In the 17th Century, the canoe literally opened the North American continent to European explorers and native tribes alike, fostering an entire economic system in the North and making discovery possible in all corners of the continent. Our modern tripping canoes draw heavily on this exploration heritage with emphasis on speed and efficiency, capacity, and durability.  Tried and true, loaded or empty, discover uncompromised paddling efficiency and seaworthiness in our Tripping Canoes.

Down River

Our Down River canoes are adaptable boats designed with added emphasis on performance in moving waters, favoring maneuverability over tracking. The shallow arch hull and moderate rocker of the Legend Series canoes allows for effortless exploration and discovery of your favorite river while retaining the ability to track well when the water slows down and spreads out.


Whitewater playboats love to go where other canoes fear to tread. Often thought of as the domain of kayaks, these canoes are at home in the rapids, offering paddlers immediate response and unrivalled agility as they learn the river’s moods and tricks. These tried and true designs can go anywhere a kayak can go and have won more than their share of whitewater championships.

Discontinued Models

The canoe models listed here are no longer in active production. Color selection and pricing is subject to change, and models may be limited or no longer available for purchase at retailers.

Listed here are models discontinued since 2009. For a full listing of past Mad River Canoe models, visit Archived Catalogs.

If you're looking for information on retired gunwale systems, click here  for a list of relevant articles in our Resources feature.