Discontinued Models

The canoe models listed here are no longer in active production. Color selection and pricing is subject to change, and models may be limited or no longer available for purchase at retailers.

Listed here are models discontinued since 2009. For a full listing of past Mad River Canoe models, visit Archived Catalogs.

If you're looking for information on retired gunwale systems, click here  for a list of relevant articles in our Resources feature.

Legend Series

The shallow arch hull and moderate rocker of these canoes allow for effortless exploration and discovery of your favorite river along with its treasures.

Read about the Legend from 'The Expert'.


Open canoe whitewater tandem paddling is one of the most challenging paddling disciplines, but once mastered, it is also one of the most rewarding. Not only are you in the midst of a hostile environment but your success is dependent on teamwork with another paddler. To excel in this environment and discipline, you need a canoe that provides a solid, predictable, yet high performance platform. The Caption has been the benchmark for open canoe tandems since it was introduced. Its reign remains unrivaled.

Reflection Series

The Reflection Series offers reassuring stability and is exceptionally family-friendly without sacrificing speed and efficiency. Well-proven as day trippers or weekend campers, the Reflections provide ample room for the family or camping gear or both.


The Outrage Series has an impeccable resume and a reputation for satisfying a wide range of skill levels. These playboats are friendly to beginners with soft chines, solid stability, and reassuring predictability, yet stimulating to veterans, offering unrivaled turn of speed to get up onto waves and execute a repertoire of precision moves. The Outrages have captured more national whitewater championships than any other play boat.

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series is both classic and capable. Based on our most versatile competent hull, the Explorer, the Heritage canoes are decked out in elegant stained woodwork with slotted gunwales, stained contoured and bucketed cane seats and yoke.

Freedom Solo

Sometimes, freedom means getting away all by yourself. The Freedom Solo is the vehicle that can deliver, whether across open waters or down river.

Synergy Series

This hybrid boat was designed specifically for anglers. It's a canoe version of a sit-on-top with the added benefit of generous, easily-accessible gear storage.


The asymmetrical hull offers increased speed and glide, while the extended stern enhances tracking.

Explorer Triple Tough Series

Manufactured Triple Tough TM for years of rugged, maintenance-free reliability, the Explorer TTs also offer versatility and stability for tandem paddlers or the whole family.