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Explorer Ultralite

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The Explorer Ultralite rounds out the classic Explorer series with a canoe that not only embodies the iconic Explorer design, but also incorporates new, light-weight technology for an impressive combination of speed, glide, responsiveness, capacity and seaworthiness. The aramid hybrid / foam core combination yields higher mileage per forward stroke and easy handling off the river for an amazingly rewarding, low-stress canoeing experience.

Aesthetic features include the trademark bunny raised on the interior floor, a clear gel coat showcasing the cored aramid structure, and stained walnut trim for a visually stunning package. Inspired by the self-reliant lifestyle found deep in the Adirondacks and the Maine Woods of the Northeast and Canada, the “best all around” design of the canoe world gets a little better with the Explorer Ultralite.

Read more about the Explorer Ultralite from 'The Expert'. 

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Gunwale Avg Weight Standard Outfitting MSRP (US) MSRP (CAD)
Aluminum 45 lbs/20 kg Contoured web seats, Stained and contoured portage yoke, Shaped walnut carry handles $2805 $2945
Wood 48 lbs/22 kg Stained and contoured cane bow seat, Stained cane bucket stern seat, Stained and contoured portage yoke, Shaped walnut carry handles, Extended slotted wood gunwales $3155 $3315
  • Predictable handling
  • Can be paddled in reverse for better trim with adult/child paddlers or solo paddler
  • Slower than swede-form hull
  • Most versatile hull cross section
  • Highest final stability
  • Superior rough water performance
  • Better tracking
  • Superior rigidity for increased hull efficiency
  • Can be “tuned" (track: paddle straight up; maneuver: lean hull into turn)
  • Wear concentrated at point of Vee
  • Lower initial stability
  • Slower than shallow arch in calm conditions
  • Good balance between maneuverability and speed
  • Most versatile keel line
  • Reduced tracking than straight keel
  • Reduced speed than straight keel
  • Less maneuverable than highly rockered

Aramid Ultralite

Foam cored composite laminate is the lightest way to build structurally sound canoe hulls. Aramid Ultralite is about 20% lighter than our original Aramid material. Foam is lighter than fabric and it does not absorb resin, reducing the resin weight contained in the hull. The foam core and series of foam ribs extending up the sides of the hull are all encapsulated between multiple layers of fabric on top and bottom and laminated via our custom resin infusion system. Though not as durable or impact-resistant as our original Aramid lay-up, Aramid Ultralite is the lightest and stiffest lay-up, maximizing paddling efficiency and minimizing portage burden.

Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4" Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
495 cm
88 cm
84 cm
88 cm
37 cm
58 cm
53 cm
6 cm
6 cm
1100 lbs
499 kg
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