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Reflection 17

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With ample capacity and a long hull, the Reflection 17 is an ideal choice for family outings. The sturdy, care-free hull shrugs off the inevitable shallows and lurking boulders while remaining light-weight enough to portage when necessary. In addition to care-free durability, the hull also provides a forgiving learning curve, making it a great “trainer” canoe for the whole family.If you're in the market for a large multi-day or family canoe that holds its own on lakes with the capability to do some downriver work, the Reflection 17 is worth a long look.

Gunwale Avg Weight Standard Outfitting MSRP (US) MSRP (CAD)
Aluminum 66 lbs/30 kg Web seats, Shaped ash portage yoke, Polyethylene decks with carry handles $1819 $1909
Wood 68 lbs/31 kg Web seats, Shaped ash portage yoke, Wooden decks $2039 $2149
  • Predictable handling
  • Can be paddled in reverse for better trim with adult/child paddlers or solo paddler
  • Slower than swede-form hull
  • Paddling efficiency and speed in calm conditions
  • Higher final stability than flat bottom
  • Maneuverable when combined with moderate to extreme rocker
  • Performance degrades in rough waters
  • Lower final stability than shallow vee
  • Enhanced tracking, speed
  • Limited maneuverability

Royalex® by Spartech®

Royalex® by Spartech® is a vacuum-formed sheet laminate consisting of external vinyl layers enclosing multiple ABS plastic layers and a foam core. Each sheet is designed specifically for the intended use of that canoe. All combinations are durable and moderately light-weight. It is resistant to impact, yet has "memory" that allows it to absorb impact and return to original form.  Royalex® by Spartech® is repairable should the worst-case scenario ever occur.

Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4" Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
528 cm
90 cm
84 cm
90 cm
33 cm
50 cm
50 cm
6 cm
1 cm
900 lbs
408 kg
Canoe Outfitting Care, Repair & Restoration Dry Flex Cell Phone Case Boat Hanger Canoe Paddle Skid plate kit for Roylex Canoes Car top carrier kit AF 6.5