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Legend 15

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With all the downriver capability of its bigger sibling, the Legend 15 is better suited for tighter, more technical rivers and for switching between solo and tandem paddling. Capable of navigating class II-III rapids, it is nimble and responsive on rocky rivers and coastal bayous.

Being stable, light-weight and compact, it is popular among smaller tandem paddlers as well as solo paddlers, from whitewater enthusiasts to sportsmen looking for a stable platform from which to fish remote waters. The standard seating system allows the paddler to simply reverse the hull and paddle “backwards” to switch into a solo paddling position. The shallow arch hull and moderate rocker of this canoe allow for effortless exploration and unpredictable discoveries along the river.

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Gunwale Avg Weight Standard Outfitting MSRP (US) MSRP (CAD)
Vinyl 66 lbs/30 kg Web seats, Shaped portage yoke, Shaped ash carry handles, Thermoformed polyethylene decks $1749 $1749
Wood 66 lbs/30 kg Web seats, Shaped portage yoke, Shaped ash carry handles, Beech wood decks $2069 $2069
Factory-Installed Options Additional Cost
Skid Plates $250
  • Predictable handling
  • Can be paddled in reverse for better trim with adult/child paddlers or solo paddler
  • Slower than swede-form hull
  • Paddling efficiency and speed in calm conditions
  • Higher final stability than flat bottom
  • Maneuverable when combined with moderate to extreme rocker
  • Performance degrades in rough waters
  • Lower final stability than shallow vee
  • Good balance between maneuverability and speed
  • Most versatile keel line
  • Reduced tracking than straight keel
  • Reduced speed than straight keel
  • Less maneuverable than highly rockered

Royalex® by Spartech®

Royalex® by Spartech® is a vacuum-formed sheet laminate consisting of external vinyl layers enclosing multiple ABS plastic layers and a foam core. Each sheet is designed specifically for the intended use of that canoe. All combinations are durable and moderately light-weight. It is resistant to impact, yet has "memory" that allows it to absorb impact and return to original form.  Royalex® by Spartech® is repairable should the worst-case scenario ever occur.

Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4" Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
457 cm
85 cm
84 cm
85 cm
37 cm
56 cm
51 cm
5 cm
5 cm
960 lbs
435 kg
Canoe Outfitting Care, Repair & Restoration Dry Flex Cell Phone Case Boat Hanger Canoe Paddle Fox 40 Whistle Car top carrier kit AF 6.5