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Explorer 16

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Jim Henry's original Explorer design is a benchmark when it comes to versatile canoes. With assurance in its long history of proven performance, try this canoe as a family cruiser, fisherman's canoe, downriver whitewater hull, or spacious tripping canoe and shrug off the bumps and grinds that accompany just about any canoeing adventure.

The Royalex® by Spartech®, shallow-vee shaped hull featured in this canoe makes it extraordinarily seaworthy and allows for confident use in any condition, rough or calm. The combination of paddling versatility, capacity, seaworthiness and superior paddling performance make this canoe as close to an “all-purpose” canoe as you'll get. 

Read more about the Explorer from 'The Expert'.

Gunwale Avg Weight Standard Outfitting MSRP (US) MSRP (CAD)
Vinyl 72 lbs/33 kg Web seats, Shaped yoke, Polyethylene decks with carry handles $1905 $2005
Wood 72 lbs/33 kg Web seats, Shaped yoke, Hardwood decks, Shaped ash carry handles $2255 $2365
Factory-Installed Options Additional Cost
Skid Plates $250 - $270
  • Predictable handling
  • Can be paddled in reverse for better trim with adult/child paddlers or solo paddler
  • Slower than swede-form hull
  • Most versatile hull cross section
  • Highest final stability
  • Superior rough water performance
  • Better tracking
  • Superior rigidity for increased hull efficiency
  • Can be “tuned" (track: paddle straight up; maneuver: lean hull into turn)
  • Wear concentrated at point of Vee
  • Lower initial stability
  • Slower than shallow arch in calm conditions
  • Good balance between maneuverability and speed
  • Most versatile keel line
  • Reduced tracking than straight keel
  • Reduced speed than straight keel
  • Less maneuverable than highly rockered

Royalex® by Spartech®

Royalex® by Spartech® is a vacuum-formed sheet laminate consisting of external vinyl layers enclosing multiple ABS plastic layers and a foam core. Each sheet is designed specifically for the intended use of that canoe. All combinations are durable and moderately light-weight. It is resistant to impact, yet has "memory" that allows it to absorb impact and return to original form.  Royalex® by Spartech® is repairable should the worst-case scenario ever occur.

Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4" Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
486 cm
90 cm
84 cm
90 cm
37 cm
54 cm
53 cm
6 cm
6 cm
1100 lbs
499 kg
Canoe Outfitting Care, Repair & Restoration Dry Flex Cell Phone Case Boat Hanger Canoe Paddle Skid plate kit for Roylex Canoes Car top carrier kit AF 6.5