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Expedition 176

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The Expedition 176 has the speed, capacity, and seaworthiness to excel on open water but is sized to offer balanced handling for when the journey leads into smaller lakes and twisting streams. Light-weight composite construction makes portages easy while still providing solid durability.

With beautiful aesthetics and a crisp feeling from every stroke it's the rewarding experience discerning paddlers expect – and have earned. Well-sized for handling and maneuverability, the Expedition 176 gets through tight spots while maintaining acceleration and efficiency yet also excels on open water.

Gunwale Avg Weight Standard Outfitting MSRP (US) MSRP (CAD)
Aluminum 60 lbs/27 kg Contoured web seats, Contoured portage yoke, Tripping thwart, Adjustable stern ash footbrace, Cane bucket stern seat, Shaped ash carry handles, Thermoformed polyethylene decks $3105 $3265
Wood 63 lbs/29 kg Sliding contoured cane bow seat, Contoured portage yoke, Tripping thwart, Adjustable stern ash footbrace, Cane bucket stern seat, Shaped ash carry handles, Extended slotted wood gunwales $3455 $3625
Factory-Installed Options Additional Cost
Skid Plates $250 - $270
  • Enhanced forward speed
  • Enhanced glide
  • Can't be paddled backwards without some performance degradation in speed and glide
  • Can be wet when paddling into waves
  • Most versatile hull cross section
  • Highest final stability
  • Superior rough water performance
  • Better tracking
  • Superior rigidity for increased hull efficiency
  • Can be “tuned" (track: paddle straight up; maneuver: lean hull into turn)
  • Wear concentrated at point of Vee
  • Lower initial stability
  • Slower than shallow arch in calm conditions
  • Enhanced tracking, speed
  • Limited maneuverability

Aramid (KX)

Mad River Canoe has been building canoes of aramid fiber longer than anyone else, so we know it well. Used to make body armor, aramid boasts a tensile strength 5 times stronger than steel and tremendous impact absorption and tear resistance. Over the years we've combined the best attributes of aramid and a hybrid composite matrix containing fiberglass, graphite and core material to build the most durable canoes per pound available.

Length Width Depth Rocker Capacity
Gunwale @4" Waterline Maximum @Center @Bow @Stern @Bow @stern
533 cm
84 cm
84 cm
90 cm
39 cm
56 cm
47 cm
5 cm
3 cm
1175 lbs
533 kg
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