Mad River Canoe Malecite Eco (The "Green Canoe")

“Going Green.” For some, it’s a fad. For others it’s a mission. For Mad River Canoe, it’s not as much a matter of fashion as it is principle.  For our newest concept boat, we decided to take a journey of discovery: to figure out what we’re doing right and what we can do better. The journey was fruitful. The findings were many. And the cumulative result is the Malecite ECO.

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Mad River Canoe Expedition 186cx Limited Edition

Features our signature shallow V-shaped hull, a swedeform asymmetric profile for maximum paddling efficiency and speed, complemented by significant flare above the waterline for dryness and lift. Additional design enhancements include a filigree deck detail that reduces weight and ensures faster drainage, a tripping thwart for added structural support and stiffness, and a lighter slotted gunwale system. Only 50 hand-crafted canoes available worldwide.

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