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Please note that models and items shown in archives are generally no longer available for purchase through Mad River Canoe. These pages are only a reference guide for older boats and accessories for customer convenience.

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How to Choose a Canoe
Canoe Design Features, Performance, and Construction Techniques (Page 1) / (Page 2) / (Page 3) / (Page 4)
16' Royalex Explorer
Fiberglass Explorer Series, 17' Royalex Explorer Series
Kevlar Explorer Series, Kevlar/Airex Explorer Series
Slipper Series
Malecite Series
Minstrel Series, Whistle Series
Lamoille Series
Traveler Series and Courier Series
Duck Hunter Explorer Series, Missisquoi Series
Grand Laker Series, Winooski Series
ME Series, Pearl Series
Tempest Series, Typhoon/Hurricane Series
Voyageur Series and All Canoes Handling Chart / All Canoes Color Chart
Monarch Series and Canoe Accessories
Canoe Accessories (More)
Canoe Accessories (More)