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Serenade feature in Outside Magazine's Buyers Guide

May 09, 2012

MRC's Serenade 13 is featured in the 2012 Outside Spring/Summer Buyer's Guide!

The Serenade is a hybrid solo canoe that merges the best attributes of a canoe with the best attributes of a kayak to create a versatile and capable solo canoe. While the hull and gunwales mirror that of a typical canoe, the unique seating system speaks to its kayak inspiration. Bridging the gap between a small, easy-portaging pack canoe and a solo hull, the Serenade is stable, comfortable, easy to paddle and cost-effective, providing an option for recreational paddlers who prefer to go solo.

Outside wrote:

If you're going solo- be it fishing, just cruising, or heading full-bore into the Quetico - Mad River Canoe's Serenade 13 canoe-kayak hybrid is the way to go. The fiberglass mashup is stable, fast,and light, and thanks to the unique seating system, you can pilot it kayak style (double bladed) or with a canoe paddle.