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Explorer LT 16 in Outside Magazine

Jun 28, 2010

Mad River Explorer LT 16
Gear Category: Canoes

by B. Broudy, S. Moulton, and G. Schaffer

Take It Anywhere

The greatest thing about canoes like the Explorer LT is their versatility. There's enough room (1,100 pounds of capacity) to tool around with dogs, lunch, and kids—or pack up camping supplies and head out for a week. And because it has a moderate amount of rocker and is made out of tough, resilient Royalex, it's still maneuverable and durable enough to handle mellow whitewater. The only difference between this boat and the classic Explorer design pounds. The "LT" stands for light, and while it's not quite as burly as the regular Royalex version, it's a bit easier to lug around. 16', 65 lbs;

Stability: 4.4
Maneuverability: 3.5