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Expedition 186 Ultralite

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    Optional Stained & Slotted Wood Gunwale


Designed with very little rocker and an asymmetrical hull, this canoe will stay on course for your entire journey.

The 186 is designed with  little rocker and an asymmetrical hull give this canoe the ability to track true and run at high speeds across open waters, day after day. Able to carry substantial gear while maintaining a rapid pace, its extremely light-weight foam-core composite “ultralite” construction is 20% lighter than our original Aramid material, maximizing paddling efficiency on the water and minimizing portage burden. Also excels as a comfortable cruising hull when unburdened.

Comfort is assured with standard sliding bow seat, dished portage yoke, tripping thwart, stern footbrace and either contoured or bucket seats. The Expedition 186 continues the heritage of the "Super" canoes such as the TW Special and the Lamoille.

Looking for the Owner's Manual? Download it below under Resources.

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